Metal Roof on House #120


Big news! We are currently installing a metal roof on house 120 instead of a typical shingle roof. Why, you ask?

Compared to regular asphalt shingles, the life expectancy of a metal roof is much longer. When properly installed, a metal roof will be able to seal out water, block high winds, and easily shed snow. Metal is also resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot.

Metal roofs are extremely lightweight, low maintenance, and easy to clean, whereas shingles are harder to clean and prone to fall off. Installing metal roofs is speedy and easy -most metal roofing materials come in multiple-shingle sections or in 12- to 36- inch-wide panels and are able to be installed immediately. Because of the material’s light weight, engineering and building costs will be low.

Environmentally, metal roofs easily shed any snow and rain because of their design. The runoff can then be used to water vegetable gardens without the risk of petroleum from shingles. These roofs are also 100% recyclable when removed as opposed to shingle roofs which are disposed of in landfills. To top it all off, metal roofs are energy efficient – the metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, minimizing midday heat gain. This means you save energy needed for air conditioning during the day.

Although metal roofs tend to be more expensive than regular shingle roofs, we have the opportunity to install the metal roof for house 120 at the same price as a shingle roof. We’re excited to offer this opportunity to our homeowners!

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2015 Women Build is a Huge Success!

11169781_833184036750970_7846075864974459977_oVolunteers from all over Chatham County participated in a three-day Women Build last week sponsored by Chatham Habitat for Humanity and Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Hosted once every year, National Women Build Week challenges women to devote a day to the effort to eliminate poverty housing. Developed through the partnership between Lowe’s and Habitat for Humanity, the event is an initiative which brings women together from all walks of life to learn construction skills and use those skills to build simple, decent, affordable homes in Chatham County and nationwide.

Volunteers came together on the days of May 6, May 7, and May 9 to work on three houses located in Bear Creek and Siler City. Two of the houses were completely new construction houses requiring volunteers to help with the framing of each house and lay the foundation down for both of them. The third house was a renovation requiring volunteers to help reconstruct and restore the interior and exterior of the house.

Volunteers completed a variety of tasks that included roofing, flooring, framing, painting and other forms of construction and renovation. Our staff members assisted volunteers in using tools and taught them various construction techniques and skills over the span of three days.

Candida Cruickshank, a long-time volunteer for Chatham Habitat for Humanity, helped at the Women Build and loved the way the event made her feel.

“One thing that I think is wonderful is that we can show people that we can do it. I love to have the women coming because men usually think that we can’t do it and we show them that we can,” Cruickshank said. “When we do this, we help ourselves. We feel great.”

Mechelle Thompson, Volunteer and Church Partnership Manager, coordinated the event and participated in the build all three days.

“There was just an overflow of women that decided to come out this year at the last minute,” Thompson said. “It just blew us away. We weren’t expecting that many replies.”


Our volunteers selflessly gave up their time and efforts to make a difference in the lives of people in their community, regardless if they knew them or not, living out the mission our nonprofit stands for. Our mission combines partnership with God and people to create self-help opportunities for families to own affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities. The ideals of our mission were thoroughly lived out and exemplified during the Women Build through acts of fellowship, dedication and sacrifice.

“The women seemed to enjoy every minute of it,” Thompson said. “A lot of women met and had a chance to network and give back to the community.”

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Special Thanks To…

Students from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
taking a “Steve Selfie” with the extra $2,500 they raised for Chatham Habitat
…County Commissioner and Owner of Atlantic Power Solutions Walter Petty for his generous donation of a generator for CHFH House #118
…GridFree! NC, especially Whitney Beers Schmidt, for donating and installing the solar array on CHFH  House #117
 …Saint Vincent College for sending 30 hardworking students to Chatham Habitat for their Spring Break
…The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg for their 30 students, especially because of their attitudes AND the extra $2,500 that they raised on their own and brought to contribute to CHFH
…Hamilton College for their small but VERY helpful group of students who gave up their Spring Break to help up build
Apostle Build Partner Merony UMC’s Pastor Jim Whittaker and Mechelle Thompson
…Pittsboro Food Lion for donating a monthly gift card to be raffled at the ReStore
…Structural Woods Preserving for their donation of lumber to build planter boxes to be sold i n  the ReStore
…Lowe’s Home Improvement for donating lumber and supplies to build planter boxes to be sold in the ReStore
…Boy Scout Troop #39 for building planter boxes to be sold in the ReStore
…UNITS Moving & Portable Storage Specialists in Siler City for donating our movable storage units
…Our wonderful Attorney Paul Messick for all his hard work, all the time
…Chatham Cares Pharmacy for working with us to host a successful Prescription Take Back Day
…The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and Pittsboro Police Department for working with us to host a successful Prescription Take Back Day
…Mebane Auction House for taking our special ReStore donations and auctioning them to a larger audience at no commission
…Volunteer Extraordinaire BOB RUSSELL for working hard to make sure that our Collegiate Challenge students are always well fed
Our new Mobile Storage Units from UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Specialists
…Carolina Brewery for donating Food for Collegiate Challenge
…The Belted Goat at Fearrington  for donating Food for Collegiate Challenge
…The Pittsboro Roadhouse for donating Food for Collegiate Challenge
…Tarantini’s Restaurant for donating Food for Collegiate Challenge
…Carolina Meadows for donating Food for Collegiate Challenge
…Food Lion in Pittsboro for donating Food for Collegiate Challenge
…Food Lion at Governors Village for donating Food for Collegiate Challenge
…Governors Club  for donating Food for Collegiate Challenge
…Angelina’s Kitchen  for donating Food for Collegiate Challenge
…Our regular volunteers for their constant commitment and advocacy on our part. We couldn’t do this without you!
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A ReStore Vest is Retired

Late last year, we lost one of our beloved ReStore volunteers. John McLaughlin passed away “at home, peacefully, surrounded by his family, in the warmth of the morning sun on November 18, 2014.”*
John and his wife Shirley have been regular volunteers at the ReStore for years, and John’s quick wit always kept everyone else amused. He was a lovely, kind man, and we will all miss him greatly.  In honor of his memory, we retired John’s ReStore vest and hung it in our back room. We’re so glad we got to know him!
*Quoted from John’s obituary in the N&O
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The Governors Club Ladies Strike Again!

For every house we build, this hard-working group of ladies comes out and meets with the family and then designs a landscaping plan to fit their likes, dislikes, and skills. Many of these women bring plants from their own gardens to donate to the families. For their generosity and hard work we are so grateful!
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#WeBuild2015 Habitat for Humanity National Affiliate Conference

Last week, Jerry Whortan, Harvey Harman, Steve Clark, and Linda Zaremba are at the National Habitat for Humanity Conference to learn more about what other Habitats across the country are doing and how they are making an impact on the communities they serve. As usual, Steve is making sure to take plenty of selfies!
At the National Conference, our staff will have a chance to talk with people from other affiliates, hear from the leadership of Habitat for Humanity International, and listen to several great speakers.
One of those speakers was Shawn Anchor, psychologist and author of the book The Happiness Advantage. Click here to see his TED Talk about the benefits of happy people in workplaces. He believes that happiness actually inspires productivity! Of course, Steve made sure to get a selfie with Shawn after his speech!
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Welcome Christy Manning, New Construction Site Supervisor

We’re happy to welcome our newest staff member: Christy Manning! Christy is our new Construction Site Supervisor, and she came to us from Durham Habitat for Humanity where she worked as an Americorps volunteer for one year, and then two more years as a Site Supervisor. We’re thrilled to have Christy as a part of our Chatham Habitat team!
Christy is pictured here with Melody Truncale (Melody is on the right, Christy on the left). Melody was one of Chatham Habitat founding members back in 1989, and she has come back to help build Crystal and Justin Johnston’s home in Bear Creek.
We have 25 years of history in one picture!
The next time you’re on site, please take a moment to welcome Christy!
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Prescription Take-Back Day a Huge Success

On March 21st, we co-hosted a Prescription Take Back Day with Chatham Cares Pharmacy and the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. These events are designed to give citizens a chance to bring their unused or expired prescription drugs so that they can be properly disposed of.
Jerry Whortan and the Chatham Cares Pharmacy Board of Directors
The event was a huge success! We collected  134.5 pounds (67,250 Dosage Units) of prescription drugs at the event. That’s the most that the Chatham County Sheriffs have ever collected at one event in Chatham County!
That’s 134.5 pounds of medications that will not be introduced to our water system or accidentally end up in the hands of teens in our community, and we’re proud of that.
Thanks to Chatham Cares Pharmacy for the important work that they are doing in our community, and to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office for their hard work on this event!
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Volunteer Spotlight: Carol Kooner

Carol is in the middle, pictured here with two of her
Sewing Bee comrades and a quilt that they made
Carol Kooner is one of the founding members of the Sewing Bee here at Chatham Habitat. She puts in hundreds of hours a month working on pillows, aprons, table runners, and other items to be sold in the ReStore. Always ready to help another Sewing Bee  participant  learn a new skill, Carol is a creative, kind, and wonderful volunteer.
From quilts to aprons to pillows, Carol can do anything with a sewing machine. Last year, she designed a whole North Carolina themed quilt and donated it to be auctioned at a Christmas Fundraiser. Dedicated to contributing to Habitat, Carol has found a unique way to help us build more safe, decent, affordable housing.

Thank you for sharing your time and talent, Carol!

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Apostle Build 2014 Exceeds Goals!

This coming Saturday, we will dedicate our 2014-2015 Apostle Build Home! Since the beginning, Crystal and Justin Johnston have been so excited to see their house completed. Twenty four Chatham County churches came together to partially sponsor their home through financial support and volunteer hours! For several years, we have hoped that our annual Apostle Build program would raise $30,000: $2,500 from 12 churches to represent Jesus’ 12 Apostles. This year, for the first time, we did!

24 Chatham Church came together and contributed just over $30,000 to
help us build Crystal and Justin’s home. Thank You, Apostle Builders!

Our 2014-2015 Apostle Build Partners:

Asbury United Methodist Church
Brown’s Chapel United Methodist Church
Chapel In The Pines
Christ United Methodist Church
Ebenezer United Methodist Church
First Baptist Church of Siler City
Goldston United Methodist Men
Healing Waters Christian Church
Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints of Pittsboro
Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints of Chapel Hill
Liberty Chapel Church
Lystra Baptist Church
Meroney United Methodist Church
Mitchell Chapel AME Zion Church
Mount Zion Baptist Church
Pittsboro Church of God
Pittsboro United Methodist Church
Roberts Chapel Missionary Baptist
Rocky River Baptist Church
First United Methodist Church
Siler City Presbyterian Church
South Fork Friends Meeting
Tyson’s Creek Baptist Church
Word of Life Christian Outreach Center
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