Winter Appeal Met With Success In First Week

DSC_1696On November 11th, we sent out our annual Winter Appeal to about 1,500 of our financial donors, volunteers, and supporters. Patricia Nettles and her family were generous enough to agree to be the featured story on the appeal, and they posed for some pictures a few weeks ago.


Patricia, Emily, Erika, and Kenyada are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving in their new home for the first time this year. It won’t be long before Emily and Erika will be gone off to college (they’re starting high school next year), so it’s really important to Patricia that they have great memories of the holidays in their home. “I hope that they look forward to coming home for Christmas when they’re adults,” Patricia said.

It’s nice to remind our donors what their generous donations are doing in the community, and Patricia and her family are a great example of that. If not for the financial support of our many donors, we wouldn’t be able to build homes like this one. It is our hope that we’ll be able to continue this work, and community support is a vital part of that equation.

We’re really grateful for Patricia and her family’s help with this year’s Holiday appeal. Just in the first week, we have received more than $10,000 toward our annual fund. Thanks to our generous supporters!




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