Jerry WhortanJerry Whortan
Executive Director
(919) 542-0794 x221

George BernhardtGeorge Bernhardt
Business Manager
(919) 542-0794 x217

Anna Tuell
Development Director
(919) 542-0794 x222
(910) 520-3678

harveyHarvey Harman
Construction Director
(919) 542-0794 x227
(919) 650-8091

anna schAnna Schmalz Rodriguez  (habla español)
Family Services Director
(919) 542-0794 x219

Mike Breedlove

Mike Breedlove
ReStore Manager
(919) 542-0788 x204

Jeremy CoerperJeremy Coerper
Construction Project Manager
(919) 542-0794 x224
(919) 434-4030


Amelia Mulder
Construction Site Supervisor

Tyler Gray

ReStore Supervisor
(919) 542-0788 x203

Matt Knight
ReStore Too Supervisor/Truck Supervisor, Donations Scheduling
Donations Hotline: (919)548-6910

Carlos Perez (habla español)
Truck Driver

Stephen Hutchins
Truck Driver

Lacy Sanders
Sales Associate

Curtis Thomas
Sales Associate

Sabrina Bonomolo
Sales Associate

Amber Thompson 
Sales Associate

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"Volunteering at the ReStore is a way that I can help the community. Plus all of my friends are here!" -Lee Cope, ReStore Volunteer Leader