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What is the Chatham Habitat Youth Program?

According to Habitat for Humanity rules, those under the age of 16 are not permitted to work on the build site. As a result, the Chatham Habitat Youth Program was created with project ideas that allow youth (between and including those ages 8 to 15) to involve themselves in the work of Chatham Habitat.

The CHFH Youth Program gives volunteers the opportunity to have a positive impact on the community around them at a young age. Each event is designed to uphold CHFH’s mission and support the surrounding community through fun projects and unique crafts. Some of our past projects include creating and decorating holiday cards for CHFH homeowners, and making watercolor tile coasters to sell in the CHFH ReStore.

Through the program, we aim to nurture a sense of community involvement and teamwork within those who participate.  We love working with our youth, who also happen to be our future!

This program was developed in part by Zara, one of our wonderful interns. Read more about her time at Chatham Habitat here.


  • What do Youth Program events look like?
    • These events consist of projects that give youth the opportunity to come together and contribute to Chatham Habitat and the surrounding community –see the gallery for pictures of past projects. The items created are often sold in the ReStore or used in houses CHFH builds. You may also encounter a tasty snack served during the event
  • How old do children have to be to participate in a CHFH Youth Program event?
    • We require youth to be at least 8 years old.
  • Is parental supervision required for Youth Program events?
    • Volunteers ages 8-12 must have a parent attend the event with them.
  • When is the next Youth Program event?
    • We currently don’t have any events scheduled, but will let you know when we do. In the meantime:
  • Can I create a group project and propose it to CHFH?
    • Yes! We welcome youth groups – such as Girl and Boy Scouts, church groups, and school organizations – to propose ideas. We will work with you on developing a project plan and a timeline! Email Rachel Horowitz or call 919-542-0794 x228 to get started.
  • Are there any other volunteer opportunities for youth?
    • Yes, we also allow those younger than 16 to do some tasks in the ReStores. The parental supervision above rules still apply, and all ReStore volunteers must do an orientation. Click here for more information.

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