Green Building


Chatham Habitat cares about the environment and makes every effort to reduce its carbon footprint on our planet. We also care about our partner families and strive to build homes with healthy indoor air quality. In addition, we recognize that part of what makes a home affordable is low monthly utility bills. The heating and cooling costs are guaranteed not to exceed $35 per month for the first two years.

Materials Used that conserve energy or increase energy efficiency of our homes:

  • Fly ash (recycled material) in footing and slab concrete
  • Recycled content concrete blocks in foundation
  • Engineered lumber in floor framing, floor, wall, and roof sheathings, and roof trusses
  • Raised heel roof trusses
  • Energy Star rated, low-E windows
  • Energy Star rated exterior doors
  • Recycled content exterior trim
  • Radiant barrier roof sheathing and Energy Star rated shingles to reduce cooling load
  • Blown-in cellulose insulation which fills all voids
  • Solar power systems on each new home since 2017

Energy Efficient Techniques Utilized:

  • Optimum value engineering (advanced) framing to increase thermal performance
  • Continuous exterior rigid insulation to prevent thermal bridging
  • Extensive air sealing and moisture management
  • Supply side fresh air ventilation
  • Conditioned crawl space
  • High efficiency water heater
  • HVAC air handler, all ductwork, and water heater located in conditioned crawl space
  • Air transfer grills between rooms
  • No plumbing lines in exterior walls
  • Minimal use of recessed lighting
  • Elongated eaves to shade windows from the summer sun and protect the house from weather
  • Third party testing and verification of energy efficiency
  • HERS scores typically below 70

Energy Efficient Equipment Used:

  • Dual flush toilets and low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Correctly sized, high Efficiency HVAC equipment (>15 SEER; > 8.5 HSPF)
  • Energy Star rated refrigerator and clothes washer
  • Energy Star rated ceiling fan and light fixtures throughout house

Additional Green Materials and Techniques Used:

  • Use of mulch, grass seed, and erosion control fencing to reduce site runoff
  • Tree protection around trees to be saved
  • Borate-based termite treatment
  • Fiber cement siding
  • Recycled content exterior trim
  • Minimal roof penetrations
  • Low formaldehyde or formaldehyde free cabinets
  • No carpet installed in house
  • Gutters and leaf guards, and optional rain barrels installed

In addition, each new home meets the following standards:

  • Advanced Energy’s SystemVision program Learn more…
  • Energy Star partner Learn more…
  • Duke Energy Progress’ Residential New Construction Program standards, based on the High Efficiency Residential Option (HERO) code.
  • Some homes have also been certified to the National Association of Home Builder’s National Green Building Standard (Bronze or Silver). Learn more…